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Mother, wife, cook, storyteller, breastfeeder, housekeeper, diaper changer, hair dresser, Lego builder, monster chaser, photographer.

Iā€™m Tanja, mother of three amazingly handsome boys, wife of Ivan, very supportive husband who served in The USMC. Photography is something I used to do on and off through the past 15 years, even before digital was an item. I would probably be able to remember how to mix those stinky chemicals that my sisters and me used to develop miles and miles of rolls but I am not too nostalgic about those times. My life was everything but boring, career changes, moving, learning, adapting, surviving deployments, becoming a wife and mom, managing endless adventures. I would not change a lot even if I could. Except one thing ā€“ photography. Wish I pursued this passion of mine long before I became a mom, but somehow I always put it on hold. Well, not anymore. I am here, I am ready, so thank you all for being a part of my journey. Please feel free to contact me, ask questions, get to know me and my style ā€“ professional photography is an investment and those precious memories of yours should be captured by someone you trust.

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tel: 916-934-6568